Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

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With EFT, payments are securely deposited directly into your bank account. Magellan network providers must enroll in EFT. EFT is available to providers who own the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) linked to the submitted claim. ECHO Health processes the payment of Magellan claims.

There are two options for EFT sign-up:

Option 1 - No fees

Enrollment for Magellan claims payment only (no fees apply)

Visit: https://enrollments.echohealthinc.com/efteradirect/Magellan
NOTE: You must await your initial payment via virtual credit card before you can register for EFT.

Required for first-time enrollment:

  • Draft number

  • Draft amount (supplied with your initial payment)

  • TIN

Where to find draft number/amount on your EOP.

Option 2 - Fees apply

Enrollment to receive EFT from all payers that process payments on ECHO’s platform (fees apply)

Visit: https://enrollments.echohealthinc.com.
NOTE: Fees also apply when signing up via echovcards.com.

View these frequently asked questions about ECHO payment options.

Using EFT

Once you begin to receive EFT payments from ECHO, you will not receive Explanation of Payment (EOP) or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) by U.S. mail. You can access and print EOP and EOB information through ECHO’s provider portal.

If you have not yet registered for the ECHO Provider Payments Portal register now.

NOTE: ECHO EFT enrollment is separate from ECHO provider portal registration.

  • Draft number, draft amount (supplied with your payment from ECHO) and your TIN are required for first-time registration.
  • To obtain the processing result for EFT-paid claims, you can use the Inquiry page.
  • If a claim is denied, no payment is due and there will be no EFT transaction. Non-payment transaction documents are also posted.

EFT/ERA assistance

Contact ECHO Health at 1-888-834-3511 or email edi@echohealthinc.com for:

  • EFT/ERA enrollment questions (status of enrollment).
  • EDI questions (835 clearinghouse delivery, how to access or use the provider payments portal to download 835s).
  • Changes to your bank account.

Resolution process for late or missing EFT and electronic remittance advice (ERA)