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Magellan Healthcare is working with Idaho to truly transform how behavioral health and substance use disorder services are delivered in the state. We’re looking for all sorts of provider types to join us in this effort, from outpatient therapists and hospitals to community service organizations.

How to Join our Network
It's easy! Submit a Letter of Intent. If you're an individual practitioner, a group or a facility, this is where you'll start.
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Are you a youth-serving agency?
If so, learn about Idaho Wraparound Intensive Services (IWInS) and High-Fidelity Wraparound (HFW).
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High-Level Requirements for IBHP Providers

  • Below are basic requirements providers must meet in order to participate in Magellan’s network:
  • Have no exclusions from participation in federal healthcare programs under either Section 1128 or Section 1128A of the Social Security Act and 42 CFR § 438.214(d) and not be on the Idaho Medicaid Exclusion list.
  • Obtain a unique national provider identifier (NPI), unless you are a paraprofessional.
  • Operate within your license, certification, and scope of practice.
  • Obtain and maintain all applicable insurance coverage.
  • Provide all requested information during credentialing and contracting and update or confirm accurate data each quarter.
  • Share, as appropriate, member health records in accordance with professional standards and applicable CFRs.
  • Meet the substance use disorder (SUD) qualified professional requirements outlined in IDAPA and the Idaho Medicaid State Plan, if you are an SUD treatment provider.
  • Meet provider qualifications specified in IDAPA and the Idaho Medicaid State Plan, if you are a mental health provider.
  • Ensure you and all staff, employees and subcontractors of your organization have not had your/their professional certification or license suspended or revoked based on disciplinary action by the Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification, or the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing due to any licensing violation.
  • Pass the appropriate level of criminal history and background check clearance for your/your staff member’s/subcontractor’s provider type pursuant to IDAPA 16.05.06, or receive the appropriate DBH/Medicaid criminal history and background check waiver/variance if you have/the person has been granted a waiver/variance to clearance requirements by one (1) or both divisions.